Herbal Tea Elixir to combat Summer Heat

Herbal Tea Elixir to combat Summer Heat

Our new Herbal Tea Elixirs are freshly brewed daily by our Master Brewer, using hand-picked TCM ingredients and herbs. They are boiled to perfection, over many hours, to bring out their medicinal properties. Healing for all heaty ailments. Traditional medicine practitioners would say "Prevention is better than cure".

Incredibly soothing and 8 different concoction herbal elixirs are highly curated intensely brewed traditional Chinese herbal tonics which are sure to delight even the most discerning of palates. We recommend the hamper set comes complete with 7 glass-bottled herbal tonics and is the ideal gift for anyone who lives in the sun-kissed environment of the tropics!

Atlas Handcrafted ready-to-drink Herbal Elixirs are delectable, thirst-quenching, and pays homage to the ancient art of Chinese Tea appreciation and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Delicately brewed with traditional herbs using secret recipes concocted to remedy the body's various ailments, Atlas Handcrafted Herbal Elixirs have been specifically designed for our bodies to withstand the intense tropical heat.

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