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New Found Appreciation for Flowers

During this journey of gifting, I finally come of age to appreciate simplest joy in life. Living with flowers around me. Nature is a wonderful design. All the flowers brighten my day as a newly minted florist. The care and attention I gave them daily especially water change. Ensures they bloom fully on the day of delivery is part of the details we kept in mind of every platter we curate.

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Impacting Florist Lives

Ever since Circuit Breaker ended, our local Tiong Bahru Florist gets a breathe sigh of relief. They finally can resume business after 2 months of paused operation. We are happy to facilitate them to clear some perishable inventories during Circuit Breaker.  That's how one of our few accidental flora arrangement on Nyonya Kueh came about really. We just wanted to help during this uncertain times. Its amazing how much support we have gotten over time!  This is just simply pure joy being able to help and contribute to society. We are able to preserve livelihoods of our seniors and beyond.

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Saving the humble You Tiao and Hum Chim Peng artisans

Through our journeys, we have discovered so many different local heritage gourmet products that every Singaporean will find near and dear to their hearts. Many simple local foods are often overlooked for fanciful, and foreign products. Yet, at the end of the day, comfort is usually found in the most nostalgic foods. This is the story of the humble You Tiao and Hum Chim Peng; how we discovered the best ones across the island, learned the hardships of handling hot oils and our strives towards elevating the value of these humble products.  The creation of You Tiao and Hum Chim Peng AKA Chinese fried doughs require the artful mastery of heat - to ensure the exact temperature for golden grown...

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Helping Aunty & Uncle's Nyonya kueh businesses thrive!

So many small Kueh businesses have forced to close during this pandemic! We found the best and most authentic ones across the island and have committed to help them thrive during these most challenging times!Many people talk about the big food groups which are suffering or fancy restaurants that have closed down during the pandemic. But, while that is a tragedy, the real tragedies occur when our heritage businesses in Singapore close down and these decades-old small businesses and traditional food types are lost forever! During the vertex of the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves in a privileged position to help these small businesses survive. Using the government's solidarity payouts, thank you very much, we had $600 each to make a...

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Our Humble Beginnings

Thank you for your interest in our little gifting grocer. How did we get started?  Due to the current pandemic, we felt a lot of old school businesses and artisans are being left out to fend for themselves especially during the circuit breaker as most of them were unable convert to an online store immediately. With no prior tech and web knowledge its even more difficult for Uncles and Aunties to come online. Hence Atlas Handcrafted was born, the initial plan was to help local business staged and photographed their food for e-commerce site. Soon we realised we are on to something, we are two superbly well traveled individuals with flair for all things finest. From our worldly exposure, we decided to try...

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