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Joy to the world thru Balloons

As age catches up, it never occur to me that Balloons would bring me so much joy into my life.  Its such a simple gesture, a light up balloon floating about when a bespoke message on it would give us human beings pleasures. I recently acquainted with these senior balloon artist, after hearing their heartfelt plead to new lease of life. I decided to help them increase their foot traffic online. We hope to get them more business sales than ever. Uncle Alan is a cancer survivor and a victim of malpractice surgery from our local hospices. It was uncertain, if he had taken action against the doctors but to even hire a lawyer to fight for him seems a...

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Georgian Wine from Caucasus

For those who succumb to getting Brown Brothers sweet moscatos, you are in for a treat, try some semi-sweet Georgian Wine selection to spice things up for a change. Somm Wee scoured the globe to immerse himself into the world wine culture. He found himself, venturing to the Central Asia, Georgia where he fell in love with the grape varieties from this particular region which happens to be the origin of wine making in the first place. Kisi Grape is one of the first few white wine he tried but in Amber color due to the ageing process. In the popular wine country, Kakheti Region, this promising sweet endeavour wine is totally undiscovered for Singapore market. The tinge of sweetness in the...

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The Blackcurrant Bramble Cocktail

The Blackcurrant Bramble Cocktail is a delightful summer drink made with fresh mixed blackcurrants, gin, lemon juice, and soda or ginger beer. We’ve added a handful of fresh juicy ripe blackberries, muddled and served over ice, topped with soda or ginger brew for a flavorful twist on the classic drink, the Bramble, first created in London in the 1980s with dry gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Crème de Mûre, a blackberry liquor – here we’ve added a handful of fresh juicy ripe blackberries, muddled and served over ice. Ingredients ½ cup fresh blackberries60ml Dry Gin30ml Blackberry Liquor30ml simple syrup or maple15ml lemon juiceGinger Brew or Soda waterGarnish with fresh blackberries and mint Preparation Muddle blackberries with gin, blackberry liquor...

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Outdoor dining and picnics made easy!

There are many aspects of the great outdoors to love, whether for you it entails a picnic at the Marina Barrage or Raffles place green, your backyard, or a tiny balcony we will show you how to have a great time! The best picnics are arguably the happily chaotic ones with plenty of cocktails and champagne and people trading a fork for a plate and getting to know each other. Here are more ways to have fun outside right now. High tea platters and local tapas for a swanky good time! Queue up the playlist to some Peranakan songs, look into Nonya kueh and high tea platters delivered straight to your venue. Be pampered and allow the food to impress...

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Product Spotlight: Shou Tao Baos aka Longevity peach buns

It's the perfect gift for Asian parents, grandparents, and in-laws. Actually our Atlas Handcrafted Shoutao Baos are perfect for just about anyone who wants to live a long prosperous life. Soft fluffy steamed buns shaped like a peach and filled with lotus paste, each Shoutau signifies long life, a symbol borrowed from the legend of the goddess Wang Mu, who threw grand luxurious parties in her peach garden. At Atlas Handcrafted, we add our signature tropical flora to every assortment which adds to the auspiciousness of the platter. Today these, 寿桃包, buns are enjoyed at birthday celebrations and to mark significant milestones in life! XL ShouTao Bao Nyonya Kueh Bamboo Basket - from $128 ShouTao Bao Longevity Oval Japanese Finewood...

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