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Tips for that perfect S'mores evening!

Put a marshmallow on a stick, toast it, you’re done. Right? While that’s definitely the basic idea.... But we can one up that! While s'mores-inspired cookies, cupcakes and donuts are just a few of the reinvented ways to enjoy the glorious, gooey combination of marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers, nothing beats a classic s'more.If you’re looking to make the most epic s’mores possible, then these tips can help. From how to properly melt your s’mores chocolate to what you can use if you don’t have a fire pit or grill, these tips will ensure you enjoy the best s’mores ever! Check out our DIY S'mores Platters for some inspiration! Know how you like your marshmallows Since the marshmallow-doneness is key,...

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The Gin Atlas: Understanding flavors in Gin

Gin is so in vogue these days! We asked our in-house Atlas spirits educators to explain how the flavor of gin is affected by the way it’s produced. We also asked them to share the best way of tasting gin to appreciate these flavor differences. WHAT IS GIN Gin is a neutral grain spirit that is re-distilled along with a mixture of botanicals (juniper berries being a crucial ingredient). There isn’t a prescribed ratio of how much juniper berries must go into the manufacturing of gin, all it says is that the flavor of juniper has to be present. That being said, there’s a wide, virtually unlimited spectrum of gin styles out there to be appreciated. Massive Gin Stills BOTANICALS...

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What your mom really wants for mother's day!

Mother’s Day is just an excuse to shower your mom with the attention she deserves every day of the year, right? Beyond honoring your mom with breakfast in bed or brunch out at her favorite restaurant, giving your mom a little something extra is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate her. Whether your mom works harder than anyone you know, or if she’s the type that takes self-care seriously, here are some of our favorite gifts designed to make this mother's day extra special. For the mom who loves entertaining If you mom is the type to always have people over, give her the piece de resistance for her entertaining set: Torino Charcuterie Board! This board comes with a...

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Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Home from Curators

Unless you’re an art curator, gallery owner, or artist, chances are buying art does not come very naturally. Galleries can seem intimidating at first. You may be worried about choosing the right size or the right colors to fit your space. At Atlas Handcrafted we carry a myriad of artworks for any home, from Fine art originals to Limited edition photography our gallery of well-curated artists is always at your disposal. As it turns out, choosing art for the home is much more intuitive than one might think if you follow a few simple rules. Key Concepts You Like what you Like - Use your gut, if you like it, get it, your taste is what matters. Art is a...

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How to choose wines for your wedding - Singapore Edition

You have probably booked your wedding at a hotel or a restaurant where for the most part, they are going to charge you an arm and leg per bottle of wine for your guests. Bear in mind that most F&B establishments charge a 300-400% markup per bottle which means that $40 bottle of wine at your wedding is likely the same quality as that of $10 per bottle supermarket clearance stuff; you are much better off negotiating for a corkage and bringing your own wines! At Atlas Handcrafted we would be happy to help you through your wine journey and selecting the best wines for your guest to WOW them! Call us a wine geeks, but we can’t wait to...

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