Product Spotlight: Shou Tao Baos aka Longevity peach buns

Product Spotlight: Shou Tao Baos aka Longevity peach buns

It's the perfect gift for Asian parents, grandparents, and in-laws. Actually our Atlas Handcrafted Shoutao Baos are perfect for just about anyone who wants to live a long prosperous life.

Soft fluffy steamed buns shaped like a peach and filled with lotus paste, each Shoutau signifies long life, a symbol borrowed from the legend of the goddess Wang Mu, who threw grand luxurious parties in her peach garden. At Atlas Handcrafted, we add our signature tropical flora to every assortment which adds to the auspiciousness of the platter.

Today these, 寿桃包, buns are enjoyed at birthday celebrations and to mark significant milestones in life!

XL ShouTao Bao Nyonya Kueh Bamboo Basket - from $128

ShouTao Bao Longevity Oval Japanese Finewood Platter - from $88

ShouTao Bao Nyonya Kueh Longevity Bamboo Basket - from $88

Whether you’re shopping for your parents, your grandparents, your spouse, or your child, and whether you’re shopping for a Christmas, birthday, or housewarming gift, I hope that our Atlas Handcrafted Shoutao Bao Platters have inspired you to incorporate an Asian influence in your gift giving plans.

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