About Atlas Handcrafted

Atlas Handcrafted is a Luxury Gifting Marketplace, we work with local artisans to promote and elevate their craft. When you make a purchase through Atlas Handcrafted, you buy directly from the artisans who produce their works of art.

Founded by two friends: Nick & Wee in May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to help small businesses and individuals to elevate and market their products to a wider audience.

We founded Atlas Handcrafted on 4 main philosophies

  • Support local cottage industries and SMEs
  • Bring delicious food and wonderful experiences to you and your love ones
  • Sustainability is king, we up-cycle and create new products from old ones.
  • Make great memories with our customers!

Launching Atlashandcrafted.com is a dream come true as we always wanted to share our amazing truly Singaporean experiences with the world!

Thank you for supporting our little business! From Team Atlas Handcrafted

Nick & Wee

More about our Business

As an Online Luxury Gifting Marketplace, Atlas Handcrafted curates artisans and facilitates the transaction between consumers and artisans. We act as an intermediary online platform for consumers to find their perfect gifts.

Why we are so expensive?

  • Our gifts are usually ordered by Fashion Houses, Luxury Automakers , Property Developers, Tech Corporate and Banking exclusively for their VIPs. We served majority of the affluent families in Singapore and beyond. They appreciate the convenience and our attention to details. With higher price point, we have wiggle room to substitute items if need be, in order to solve the ever discerning clientele's gifting/logistic needs.
Our collection of gifting experiences currently encompasses, but is not limited, to the following categories:
  • Art Gifts
  • Home Décor
  • Home and Kitchenware
  • Experiential Gifts (i.e. private travel charters)
  • Food Gifts
  • Beverage Gifts
  • Hamper Gifts
  • Customized corporate gifts
  • Catering logistics management
  • Greeting Cards
  • Brand & Strategy consultation
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Digital Assets
As gift curators and an online gifting market, our products are sourced from curated licensed vendors and are packed in accordance with our Atlas Handcrafted standards before being delivered to the consumer.

About our Logo

The Atlas Handcrafted logo prominently showcases 2 elements the words Atlas Handcrafted in 2 typefaces and a crest with the phrase "Modern Handcrafted Artisanal goods for Timeless Memories.

This emphasizes our commitment to the Gifting craft and represents our Company as an Atlas of handcrafted luxury gifts.