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Tiffany Primalia Art Prints

Tiffany is a Singapore-born artist of Indonesian-Chinese descent whose work is an exploration of self-reflection and the nuances of everyday social interactions through the use of bold lines and color. She is drawn to human figures and through her work, tiffany aims to highlight the personal emotions present in human relationships. Her love for fashion design and history is also expressed through her work in the form of paintings, illustrations, and line drawings.

Tiffany moved to Singapore as a child and has been painting since the age of 12 under the tutelage of known Singaporean artist and Fine Arts lecture Cleo Thang. She later spent five years in Los Angeles, and her education in the Art Institute of Califonia, and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has not only given her a solid foundation in art and design principles but has also broadened her world view through the clash of cultures. Tiffany now lives in Cebu, Philippines with her family and two young children.