Georgian Wine from Caucasus

Georgian Wine from Caucasus

For those who succumb to getting Brown Brothers sweet moscatos, you are in for a treat, try some semi-sweet Georgian Wine selection to spice things up for a change. Somm Wee scoured the globe to immerse himself into the world wine culture. He found himself, venturing to the Central Asia, Georgia where he fell in love with the grape varieties from this particular region which happens to be the origin of wine making in the first place.

Kisi Grape is one of the first few white wine he tried but in Amber color due to the ageing process. In the popular wine country, Kakheti Region, this promising sweet endeavour wine is totally undiscovered for Singapore market. The tinge of sweetness in the wine is just perfect for sunny Singapore.

Kindzmarauli Grape is one of the fine semi-sweet red wine you will ever taste. The naturally non-sickeningly sweet wine is just divine for any dessert or meaty course. Its not as sweet as port but there sweetness is pleasurable especially for Singaporean palate.

Saperavi Grape is amongst Somm Wee top choices, mainly because in Georgia, they utilise this wine to make Wine Ice Cream! A popular softserve that captivate all ages, totally unique to lick your wine from a cone. A good qvevri fermentation gives it a different characteristic to the wine body.


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