Outdoor dining and picnics made easy!

Outdoor dining and picnics made easy!

There are many aspects of the great outdoors to love, whether for you it entails a picnic at the Marina Barrage or Raffles place green, your backyard, or a tiny balcony we will show you how to have a great time!

The best picnics are arguably the happily chaotic ones with plenty of cocktails and champagne and people trading a fork for a plate and getting to know each other.

Here are more ways to have fun outside right now.

High tea platters and local tapas for a swanky good time!

Queue up the playlist to some Peranakan songs, look into Nonya kueh and high tea platters delivered straight to your venue. Be pampered and allow the food to impress your guests so you can focus on being the host or hostess with the mostess.

Bento Picnics make life alot easier

Whoever said luxurious picnics aren't easy has yet to try our Shokado bento boxes. Theming with fresh ingredients, This will take your picnic experience to the next level! We do suggest choosing cooked items when ordering Bentos for picnics as the mid-day sun is unapologetic towards sushi and sashimis. So spread out a blanket, open the cooler or basket and enjoy a simple meal in the fresh air.

Consider our beautiful Picnic Basket filled with all the necessary outdoor dining ingredients you need!

Bring bottled or batch Cocktails

You don’t want to deal with mixologist tools and lots of trips back and forth from inside to out or god-forbid the car. So break out the pre-batched cocktails or some of our Atlas Handcrafted Bespoke Cocktails. Pop them in the freezer for a few hours and bring them out in your car then toss them into a chiller box and they will remain cold for hours! Whether you want to prepare your own cocktails or you like the convenience of Singapore's best bottled cocktails. You do you, do your best!

Have kids? Remember to include some activities like S'mores!

Repeat after us: There is nothing, and we mean nothing, so lovely as a gorgeous Smore's Platter. Overflowing with handcrafted chocolates, marshmallows, and authentic graham crackers this is a surefire hit with the kids as they spend hours roasting their own marshmallows for that perfect Smore.

Keep things casual and simple

It’s simple enough to put everything on a tray and move outside when you’d like to share a meal outdoors, and even easier when you have cutlery, serving platters and dishes that you don't have to worry about bringing or breaking! Remember if you are having a picnic, try a colorful outdoor tablecloth, some nice scented candles in the evening, and a little something special to keep the wine well chilled—all small steps that can go a long way to making your space especially inviting.

Don't Forget Dessert

Discover a platter of Thai desserts, believe it or not, Thai mango sticky rice actually keeps exceptionally well outdoors (minus the coconut milk of course) so that's what we suggest! - Mango Sticky Rice & Tapioca Lacquered Platter (3-5pax)

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