How to choose wines for your wedding - Singapore Edition

How to choose wines for your wedding - Singapore Edition

You have probably booked your wedding at a hotel or a restaurant where for the most part, they are going to charge you an arm and leg per bottle of wine for your guests. Bear in mind that most F&B establishments charge a 300-400% markup per bottle which means that $40 bottle of wine at your wedding is likely the same quality as that of $10 per bottle supermarket clearance stuff; you are much better off negotiating for a corkage and bringing your own wines! At Atlas Handcrafted we would be happy to help you through your wine journey and selecting the best wines for your guest to WOW them!

Call us a wine geeks, but we can’t wait to help you share a special glass of wine with your family and friends.


This is sort of like asking “what cake flavor should I choose?” It is a personal decision which can be assisted by our head Wine Curator, and you should take into consideration the foods that you are serving and time of the year.

For the dinner course, we recommend selecting a white and a red wine that will pair well with the main dishes, including the vegetarian alternative – you wouldn’t want to leave your herbivores without a wine to enjoy with their meal. And you can’t forget the bubbly! While Champagne is what naturally comes to mind, there are excellent sparkling wines from all over the world. We will certainly be pouring Prosecco at our wedding, the perfect balance of cost and flavor!


The quantity of wine you need depends on who you are inviting and if you are serving other beverages. One standard bottle contains roughly five glasses of wine.

Because sparkling wine is served in a flute, you can expect to get six glasses out of a bottle. Based on our experience most guests will consume two glasses of sparkling wine – one for the cocktail hour and one for the embarrassing YAM SENG!

During the dinner service, guests typically consume two glasses of wine. Keep in mind that if you are serving liquor or celebrating during the day, these numbers will very likely change.


Your venue would likely charge you exorbitant prices for a cocktail at your wedding, so if you want to have cocktails negotiate for a 3rd party to use pre-batched cocktails and serve them to your guests. At Atlas Handcrafted we have a flurry of event cocktail services at your disposal!

Contact us at we would love to help you with your wedding beverage program and developing a beverage menu that will surely impress your guests!


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