Tips for your own Edible Garden & Living Herbs!

Tips for your own Edible Garden & Living Herbs!

Discover our edible garden herbs and create a bounty of flavors in your culinary endeavors! Planting an edible garden can help you pass the time if you’re spending more of it at home, and result in a harvest from which you can benefit for years to come.

Here are some tips for you to setup your own edible garden with our organic living herbs

1. Choose the right location

If possible, choose a spot close to the kitchen so you can easily snip and harvest for cooking. If there is no nearby area for a ground plot or raised beds, containers set on a patio or deck are a good option. Herbs and some small plants can also be grown in pots on a sunny windowsill. The morning sun is your best bet!

2. Sunlight

In general, herbs and plants that produce edible fruit (basil, tomatoes, peppers, blueberries) need the most light, while vegetables with edible leaves (lettuce, spinach, chard and other leafy greens) do better with less sunlight; some can even handle partial shade. This is what we recommend for our Atlas Living Herbs, gentle morning sun.

3. Soil

Almost all soil requires amending to give roots oxygen and nutrients. Supplement heavy, compacted soil with an organic growing mix and incorporate it well to aerate it. Otherwise, the water can run off without soaking in and plants spread out shallowly instead of growing down deep. If you are repotting out living herbs, be sure to use a mixture of compost and top soil for best results.

4. Watering

The best time to water plants is in the morning; they will begin the day well hydrated.

Gardens always benefit from a rain shower, but when you are watering, avoid wetting the foliage. Instead, apply the water directly to the soil. A thorough soaking will reach the roots deep in the ground, helping plants tolerate high temperatures and other environmental challenges.

All set? Well check out our Edible Herbs section and start your gardening journey today!

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