Our Humble Beginnings

Our Humble Beginnings

Thank you for your interest in our little gifting grocer.

How did we get started? 

Due to the current pandemic, we felt a lot of old school businesses and artisans are being left out to fend for themselves especially during the circuit breaker as most of them were unable convert to an online store immediately. With no prior tech and web knowledge its even more difficult for Uncles and Aunties to come online. Hence Atlas Handcrafted was born, the initial plan was to help local business staged and photographed their food for e-commerce site. Soon we realised we are on to something, we are two superbly well traveled individuals with flair for all things finest. From our worldly exposure, we decided to try something new, to push the boundary of gifting as well as being the tastemakers of great brands, artisans and products.


Mak Sin Wee 

In his 20s, gained a small fortune from his retail & distribution for high fashion jewelry brands. Worked closely with Reebonz, Tangs Orchard and a few boutiques store in Singapore and Indonesia. Wee had live in major cities around the globe: Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Tiblisi, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Montreal, Boston, Antwerpen, Mexico City, Yerevan, Bucharest, Milano, Venezia, Cairo and Singapore. His flair for everything delicious, designer hotels and intrepid traveling sets him apart. A true digital nomad connoisseur for fine wine and arts. His best business acumen attributes are Head of Sales, Gifted Photographer, Polyglot fluent in Bahasa, Mandarin and English, dabble in Spanish, French, Italian and German! Setting up E-commerce websites, PR publicist rubbing shoulders with High Net-worth Clientele and Press Media is second nature to him

Now in his early 30s, started Atlasfineart.com and along with other new ventures to feed his curiosity. Currently an aspiring writer trying to complete his very first travel novel, launching an online art gallery at the same time and in hope to one day exhibit his artwork at the famed Biennale in Venice. Oh did we forget about this awesome and fun gifting site?

Nicholas Lin

Returned to Singapore from New York, Nicholas Lin started his restaurant in the heart of CBD and soon grown to a big F&B group amassing 5 outlets at its peak. Gradually, he venture into tech businesses with one simple goal of getting customers to return to his restaurant. https://www.privycrm.com was born. 


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