The Art of Smaller Weddings SG edition

The Art of Smaller Weddings SG edition

We know that many of you have made, or are considering, the decision to reduce your wedding guest count in light of the current climate and uncertainty. The Government's restrictions of 50 or 100 guests (depending on which Phase we are in) is not helping much, and while any departure from your initial vision can be stressful, we are here to tell you that it may just be the best decision you have ever made.

So instead of sulking over the decision of downsizing, make the most of it! Here are some of our best tips and benefits of hosting smaller weddings or receptions! Contact us directly and we can help you with procuring items for your dream wedding, from flowers to cocktails and food to entertainment, the Atlas Handcrafted concierge team is at your service. Contact us at

Fewer Guests = Bigger Budget = Better Ang Pow!

Let your guest know that you are going ALL OUT for this wedding as there are fewer guests (wink wink. suggest a bigger ang pow perhaps) Fewer guests allow you the opportunity to stretch your budget a bit further and add in some luxury items you may have passed on previously. With fewer tables at your reception, fewer centerpieces will be needed. And many of our couples have chosen to use the money that would have paid for these additional centerpieces on statement decor pieces and impactful floral moments elsewhere. Think adorned entryways, lush ceremony settings or a slightly more expensive bouquet.

Spend on the thoughtful details

Planning a large wedding isn’t easy and, often, it’s the small, thoughtful details that can get lost as you stretch your time, energy and funds over a 100–200-person event. A smaller wedding gives you back resources and allows you to focus on more of the details that you may have had to overlook before. One of our favorite areas to splurge on is the guest tables—specifically, place settings and cocktails! Discover our customizable bottled cocktails for your tables today!

Personalization Personalization!

If you’ve decided to significantly reduce the guest count of your wedding, those in attendance are going to be your very closest friends and family members. Make your nearest loved ones feel special by finding ways to personalize the day. Our favorite way to do this is through custom stationery and paper products. Take the time to include a favorite shared memory on their invitation or designate their seat at the table with a custom nameplate.

Wedding Registry

While uncommon in Singapore, we feel that at smaller weddings where you go all out, you can inform your guest that you have setup a wedding registry so that they can purchase things to 'top up' their angpow.

Set up a wedding registry with Atlas Handcrafted and for bespoke assistance on all things wedding, look for more information Private Concierge at

Our team is ready to provide their expert knowledge, product demonstrations, and endless inspiration to prepare for your wedding day.

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