Tips on how to enjoy the latest lockdown in Singapore

Tips on how to enjoy the latest lockdown in Singapore

It's already been 1 year and it seems that we have come full circle and are back in a partial lockdown... As tragic as this seems, this time it's only for a month, and the restrictions aren't as harsh. So let's make the most of this month and keep our spirits high! Here are some of our top ideas and tips on how you can survive this partial lockdown in Singapore aka Circuit Breaker Lite

Tidy and decorate your home!

If you want to use this time it to zhuzh up your home, start with paint. Consider the space and think about what mood you want works best. If you want your kitchen to give you a little lift each morning, go for light, bright tones. Avoid mistakes: that shade that looks gorgeous on the tin (or on Instagram), can look less appealing on walls with less natural light or in a different-sized room, so swatching is key. Make the most of your space with our amazing art prints, photography and original paintings. You will work best in a great environment.

Have a Cocktail Hour!

One of the nastier aspects of the pandemic is that it turns your friends and all that you do to show them affection – hug and kiss; share meals and drinks. And yet, in this appalling moment, we need our friends more than ever, and it is probably true that our immune systems do, too. Isolation is bad for a species addicted to social intercourse.

Our solution has been to start a cocktail hour on a video conferencing site, sending one or two friends every day an invitation to drinks in front of their laptop (or phone) at a time when we might normally meet in a pub or at each other’s homes. It’s surprising what a difference it can make to a day of isolation, and to your spirits in general, to see your friends’ faces in the evening and hear them talk and laugh.

Discover a range of great bottled cocktails, perfect for every occasion and your cocktail hour.

Focus on health!

Eat Healthily, sleep well, stay active and stay socially connected
Between six to nine hours a night is sufficient for most people. Going to bed and waking up at a similar time each day can help maintain a sense of normalcy, and help you follow through with plans. For moderate movement, 30 minutes per day is good enough as backed by WHO. One can include yoga, planks, skipping, on-the-spot-jogging, climbing stairs as exercise. Exercising releases endorphins and helps in getting better sleep, which is especially important amidst disrupted routine. It is also the one effective and time-tested way to avoid gaining weight.

We all need friends and relatives, so connect with them through social media, audio calling, or video calling.

Start Growing Herbs

Gardening is what will keep us sane through this. It connects us with the outdoors and the gentle satisfaction of watching things grow brings a unique positivity. If you’ve no garden, there are plenty of ways to grow indoors.

All you’ll need is a sunny windowsill, inside or out. We suggest growing herbs, they’re easy and delicious – and when supermarket supplies are low they become increasingly worthwhile.

Pickle some fruits and veggies

In times of food scarcity and uncertainty, we have to make do with what we have. Preserving food is not going get us too far in a pandemic, admittedly, but pickling what we have now is an investment in future dinners. I am also pickling a slow cooker’s worth of dried white beans in oil and vinegar, to use until tinned ones come back into stock.

Send a balloon to some friends!

Our Atlas Handcrafted balloons are perhaps the most unique gift during this lockdown, imagine the look on your friends' face when they video call you and receive a ton of balloons, it's super fun!

For other gifting ideas we are at your service 24 hours a day, shop online or email our concierge team at, we will love to create that meaningful gift so that you can share it with your friends.

Stay home, and stay safe everyone! Love - Atlas Handcrafted

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