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3 Jars of Dirty Butter

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Hearty, satisfying meals come together quickly and easily when you're stocked with our our amazing flavored butters! This collection includes three of our most popular butters.

Whipped Garlic Parmesan Butter 150gm

Sharp, cheesy, rich, salty, savoury & creamy! Dirty Butter's Whipped Garlic Parmesan is intensely flavoured for garlic & cheese lovers! It's perfect on a hearty sourdough or mixed-in with fluffy scrambled eggs.

Whipped Japanese Umami Butter 150gm

Bold, intense, salty, savoury, full-bodied & smoky. Dirty Butter's Whipped Japanese Umami Butter is an umami bomb in a jar. Generously flavoured with bonito flakes, this butter is the perfect accompaniment when grilling seafood or mushrooms.

Whipped Honey Yuzu Lavender Butter 150gm

Sweet, fragrant, bright, zesty and tangy. Dirty Butter's Whipped Honey Yuzu Lavender Butter is the perfect butter for anyone with a sweet tooth. Elevate any pastry into a decadent dessert with just a few spreads!

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