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Atlas Wine Club

8-Bottle Atlas Wine Club Membership

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Built around a changing theme — such as a classic wine region, a specific grape variety, or the best wines of the season — this Four-bottle selection offers a unique introduction to the world of wine, whether you want to grow your knowledge or just drink the good stuff; enjoy two bottles for each week of the month!

Get 8 bottles of sommelier curated wines every month in our reusable bag with info about the wine and access to our virtual tasting sessions.

What you get each month

  • 8 Bottles of well-curated wines
  • Information about the wines and tasting notes
  • Monthly bar accessories or samples
  • Customized Gift Card
  • Access to our Virtual ZOOM Tasting sessions

Bartending goodies every month

With every Atlas Wine Club monthly package, you will receive a flurry of beverage centric accessories, samples, and tools of the trade to add to your home bar.

Second-month discount

Enjoy a 5% discount on subsequent months of your membership

Cancel anytime worry-free

Pay every month via an email link - If you feel like canceling, you may do so anytime.
NO auto-billing! We are confident that you will love our Wine Membership services, that is why we will never bill you automatically. Instead, we will provide you with a monthly email with a payment link for you to pay for subsequent months.

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