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Atlas Beverage

Atlas Handcrafted Black Goji Gin

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Infused with wild Tibetian Black Goji Berries and a touch of honey, this gin takes on a strikingly vibrant purple color which is unparalleled in the mixology scene. On the palate, there's a touch of sweetness and a robust rare fruitiness.

A relative of the more commonly known red Goji berries (Lycium barbarum) sometimes called ‘wolfberries‘, the Black Goji berries 黑枸杞 are by contrast only available wild and harvested by natives living in the Qinghai 青海 province high on the Tibetan plateau.

Each batch of our craft gins is made up of carefully curated Asian botanicals that are individually cold processed and distilled to create this delicious gin.

Nose: Rich citrus and deep perfumes of purple fruits

Palate: mild citrus with a hint of honey, a long finish with high afternotes

Finish: Long and pronounced 

Volume: 350ml or 180ml

ABV: 40%

Origin: Distilled in Singapore using Asian botanicals

Shipping: Singapore Only

Extra Small Batch Gin Production

Serving suggestion

Our Atlas Handcrafted Black Goji Gin is perfect as a gin and tonic, or a Gin martini, be sure to use the best possible tonic water that you can find!

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