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Atlas Handcrafted

Black Mint Living Herbs

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100% locally produce & pesticide free

Taste: Luscious dark-green leaves screams summer, with its tangy citrusy taste and aroma.

Health Benefits: Has strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties that aids digestion and respiratory problems.

How To Use: Traditionally used in Southern America to make into a black paste for cooking. Black mint can also be used to mix into a refreshing ceviche, or paired fresh with any tropical fruits! 

How To Upkeep: Water them and give sufficient sunlight

* Living Herbs are kept in soil for further growing at the comfort of your home.

Height of Herb Plant:

Pot size:

Whats included: Plant, Pot and Soil

Origin: Singapore

Delivery: Singapore only

We can include Ribbons, Premium Greeting Card

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