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Atlas Handcrafted

Caviar 2 Tier Silver Platter

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This luxurious caviar tarts beautifully packaged in our 2 tier silver platter with 50gms Jar Caviar and blinis ready to eat .

  • Lightweight total inclusive of the packaging
  • Assembled and delivered at ambient temperature
  • Orders for this product are taken a minimum of 2 days in advance
  • We will contact you to make delivery arrangements.
  • Designed for 2-4 guests as a supplement to a light meal.

Because the items in this collection are crafted in limited quantities, we may occasionally need to make substitutions with similar items of equal quality.


  • 4 pieces of Caviar Creme Fraiche Tarts
  • 1 Jar 50gms Caviar
  • Blinis & Dills
  • Chives and Creme Fraiche
  • 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons
  • Presented on our 2 tier Silver Platter

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