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Chambord Liqueur

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Chambord is a raspberry liqueur which is made by infusing red and black raspberries into XO cognac, and adding Madagascan vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, and honey. The result is a sweet, fruity liqueur with a strong raspberry taste and aroma. Chambord comes packaged in an iconic spherical bottle with a gold cap which oozes opulence.

The story goes that Chambord was inspired by a favourite drink of King Louis XIV: a raspberry liqueur which was made in the Loire Valley. When the king visited the château de Chambord in the 1600s, he brought the recipe with him, and the château has been producing the liqueur ever since. Nowadays Chambord is synonymous with French luxury which is fit for a king!

Volume: 500ml

ABV: 16.50%

Origin: France

Shipping: Singapore Only

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