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Rumah Atlas Patisserie

Chiffon Cakes

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Rediscover the heritage flavours you love with our mouth-watering so peaked Chiffon Cake. Also known as Pandan Chiffon, a traditional  Asian recipe, we have modern take of these classic delicacies!  Chiffon cake combines the richness of high ratio cake which is created by the batter and the lightness of sponge cake which is created by the meringue. As the vegetable oil is liquid at a cooler temperature, chiffon cake does not tend to harden or dry out as traditional butter cake. This makes it better-suited for fillings or frostings with ingredients that need to be refrigerated.

What's Inside

  • 4 of Classic Chiffon Cakes
  • Beautiful Rumah Atlas Giftbox
  • Freshly cut tropical flowers
  • Thank you gift card with personalised message

Standard Flavours: Orange, Chocolate, Coconut, Pandan

Delivery: 1 day order

Availability: Singapore

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