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Atlas Beverage

Coconut Pandan Gin

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Distilled with Fresh Coconut, Coconut Hearts, and Pandan Leaves


Pandan and Coconuts are traditionally paired in Southeast Asian cuisine. Pandan's unique and rich aroma complements the creamy, satisfying  flavour of Coconuts


We scoop out the tender flesh from fresh coconuts and place them in the basket of our copper still along with pandan leaves.


We also use fresh "coconut hearts" which are fruits that grow inside mature coconuts. Coconut Hearts have an amazing, concentrated coconut flavour that adds real depth to our gin.

Juniper Berries, Oranges, and other spices are then vapour distilled to extract their delicate flavours which adds to the rich flavours from Coconuts and Pandan resulting in a gin that cannot help but to remind you of a beautiful, sandy, tropical beach.

Volume: 750ml

ABV: 42.5%

Origin: Singapore

Shipping: Singapore Only

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