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Copperhead Blending Kit

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The Copperhead Blends in a handy set! Add a few drops of extra botanicals and create three different types of gin and tonic.

APERITIVUM combines grapefruit and angelica to stimulate your appetite and make the G&T bitterer.

DIGESTIVUM is a ginger extract to activate your digestion and makes the G&T sweeter.

ENERGETICUM is made from guarana berries that will give you a little energy boost and create stronger citrus aromas within the G&T.

Be your own alchemist !

Volume: 3x50mL

ABV: 42%

Origin: Belgium

Shipping: Singapore Only


Copperhead brings the alchemist history of Gin back to the spotlight. For centuries alchemists were looking for their “Elixir of Life”; a way of extending life until eternity; which they made of juniper berries. The medicinal effect of the berries is known since dawn and ingrained in society thereby making proto-type gin an extremely popular product as a medicine. It is now positioned among the super premium gin brands.

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