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Dolin Aperitif Bonal

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Great yellow gentian, cinchona roots and orange are some of the main ingredients of this famous aperitif created in 1865 by Hyppolyte Bonal, a former Chartreux monk, and then bought by Maison Dolin.

When poured, its dark amber color with coppery highlights first surprises and then the aroma of freshly cut hay and of peat appears, which develops into balsamic and menthol aromas, followed by sweet and spicy notes that evoke candied chestnuts. The attack is smooth and refined and the finish is long with a well balanced bitter-sweet harmony.

Volume: 750ml

ABV: 16%

Origin: France

Shipping: Singapore Only


Dolin is among the few remaining independent producers of vermouth and the last producing Vermouth de Chambéry. Dolin continues to make the authentic product according to the principles which earned Chambéry France's only A.O. for vermouth back in 1932. This means production in Chambéry itself, maceration of real plants rather than pre-prepared infusions, and sweetening only by grape must, wine and/or sugar.

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