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Dolin Coeur de Genepi

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This vermouth was created in 1821, the year which you can also read on the bottle. Joseph Chavasse invented a new and top secret vermouth recipe based on the knowledge he had gained before in Turin.

Nearly a century later these bottles of Dolin Genepi still glance from the selves of supermarkets and gourmet stores, telling a story of plain success.

Let yourself get seduced by this light golden dring from France. For the dessertlovers beneath us, the producer advises us to serve the liquor on ice cream - vanilla, chocolate or mint. Mmmh!

An aromatic aperitif from the French Alps, Coeur de Génépi is flavoured with wormwood flower heads, which are also used in absinthe although it is not enjoyed in the same way. Coeur de Génépi is traditionally sipped before a meal, letting the incredibly refreshing and fragrant palate prepare you for a tasty dinner.

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 40%

Origin: France

Shipping: Singapore Only

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