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Atlas Charcuterie

Dolomite Rustic Charcuterie Platter

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One of the most stunning charcuterie boards you've ever seen. We are committed to supporting a 100% local businesses and small SME's in Singapore. Perfect for cocktail parties, impromptu gatherings and holiday gift-giving, this collection showcases artisanal meat, premium farmstead cheese, orchard-grown nuts, and dried fruit, crackers and condiments.

The generous assortment is beautifully plated in our signature upcycled board with garnishes and delicious assembled

  • 5kg in total inclusive of the board
  • Assembled and delivered chilled
  • Orders for this product are taken a minimum of 2 days in advance
  • Please specify the delivery time and date
  • Because the items in this collection are crafted in limited quantities, we may occasionally need to make substitutions with similar items of equal quality.

Designed for 4-6 guests as a supplement to a light meal.

What's Inside

  • 4 blocks of premium farmstead cheese
  • 5 selections of artisanal cold cuts
  • Handcrafted marmalades and honey
  • Imported dried fruits and muscat grapes
  • Certified organic assorted nuts and olives
  • Berries for pop of colors
  • Upcycled Oval Zinc Pan with Rope Handles

Receiving Instructions

Our Charcuterie boards are designed to be consumed within 4-hours of delivery. Should you wish to keep any of the individual items beyond 4-hours, please refrigerate upon receiving the board.

Our plates and boards are for you or your guests to keep after consuming them; they make excellent up-cycled gifts!

Ever order from Atlas Handcrafted comes with a bespoke gift card. The Atlas concierge will be in contact with you after you place your order.

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