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Double Shokado Haru & Natsu Bentos (4-5 pax)

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Serves 4-5 persons

What's inside

  • Otoro Negitoro donburi with fresh scallions
  • 6 piece Premium salmon futomaki 
  • 8 piece Omakase nigiri sushi, including ikura and uni
  • Hokkaido Hotate donburi with sweet bonito dashi glaze
  • Bincho Charcoal-grilled Unagi donburi served with rolled tamago
  • Wagyu Gyudon with onsen tamago
  • Exclusive Shirakiku Koshihikari Rice
  • Beautiful 3-segment Shokado Bento box with lacquered glaze
  • Atlas Handcrafted Giftcard
  • Premium Bento menu with tassel

Ingredients and contents are subject to adhoc Omakase style changes, our Japanese chef will do his utmost to ensure that each bento meets Atlas Handcrafted standards.

Receiving instructions

Our bento boxes are designed to be consumed within 2 hours of delivery. To ensure freshness, please consume our exclusive Shokado Bento boxes immediately. If you decide not to consume it immediately, you may refrigerate for at most 4 hours. 

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