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Atlas Handcrafted

Edible Herbs Garden Bucket

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100% locally produce & pesticide free

6 Living Herbs (Green Shiso, Purple Shiso, Genovese Basil, Mini Basil, Black Mint and random harvest herbs of the week)

Taste: A garden salad

Health Benefits : Great source of vitamins and fibres

How To Use:  These petit flavour bombs are the perfect final touches to your pasta, salads or even desserts. Or turn them into your counter top snacks!

How To Upkeep: Water them and give sufficient sunlight, lasting up to 7 days.

* Living Herbs are kept in mini bio coconut husk! For further growing, re-pot them to a soil pot at the comfort of your home.

Height of Herb Plant:

Pot size:

Whats included: Plants, Clear Bucket and lightly watered for transportation. 

Delivery: Singapore only

Artfully arranged in our Upcycled Transparent Ice Bucket

We can include Ribbons, Premium Greeting Card

Luxury gifts for everyone