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Atlas Handcrafted

Gender Reveal - Cute blue shoes

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Customized Message

Revive the age-old tradition of greeting cards and let us assist you to send a bespoke card to your loved ones to show them you think about them with your customized messages! Your message will be added on by a professional graphic designer.

Each of our Atlas Greeting Cards is printed on ultra-luxurious bamboo card stock and is designed by Singaporean graphic artists. They are as unique as they are personalized. 

Please remember to fill in your personalized gift note and Delivery time preference before you check out.


  1. Luxurious greeting card with your customized message
  2. Bespoke envelope with recipient addressing
  3. Postage fees & delivery
  4. Atlas virtual concierge service for each card


Your personalized message will be individually added to the card by our in-house graphic designers, You may add a message of up to 2 paragraphs and a maximum of 8 recipients per card. The Atlas body and name typeface has been specifically chosen for clarity and class. 

Each card is individually designed by our in-house designer (not an automated system) and we guarantee that wording, fit, and resolution are of the utmost highest quality.


Each bespoke card is printed using soy ink on the most luxurious 300gsm bamboo weave card stock, a beautifully thick and textured card which was created to impress the most discerning of your recipients.


The price includes shipping and handling. Our concierge will contact you to confirm the details. Standard shipping within Singapore will take approximately 3-4 working days. We offer 1-day expedited shipping should you require this additional convenience.

Bespoke Caligraphy 

We are proud to offer your message to be penned by Master Lim, a Singaporean Calligrapher who specializes in beautiful English penmanship. His works have been prominently featured in illustrious journals world-wide and it is our pleasure to have him as our in-house Atlas Caligrapher.

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