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Halm Glass Straw
Halm Glass Straw

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Halm Glass Straw

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HALM glass straws are sustainable, reusable, dishwasher safe & extremely sturdy. 100% plastic-free & produced in Germany under fair working conditions. Here comes the alternative to the plastic straws of which 3 billion are destroyed every day and pollute the environment. "Halm" is a glass drinking straw that is reusable and environmentally friendly. It is made of extremely stable special glass and can therefore be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

Glass is tasteless, hygienic, reusable and can be completely recycled. It is therefore much better suited than plastic, metal, paper or natural materials such as bamboo or straw.

Length: 15cm, 20cm, 23cm

Origin: Germany

From the Atlas Handcrafted Team, thank you for pledging to stop the use of plastic straws.