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Håvaldsen Triple Cask Aquavit

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Håvaldsen Triple Cask Aquavit is made from potatoe spirit, distilled in the same method used on the best gin`s. By distilling all the herbs at the same time and just adding clean mountains water after the distillation. The herbs are well integrated into the end product and get the highest quality. "Distilled in the same way as a London Dry Gin".

Håvaldsen has been stored in three different barrels for a minimum of 9 month`s in total, Sherry , Madeira and fine French oak. This is the first triple-cask aquavit made in Norway and most likely worldwide.

Winning an ISC ( Internatioal Spirit Competition ) Silver medal 2017 is an outstanding achievement.

In 2018, we won a big blind test competition in the Vinmonopolet, where we were voted the best aquavit in Norway.

Experience a profound aftertaste from botanicals including: Carvi, Coriander, Angelica, Mint, Ginger Root, Orange and Lemon peel.

This triple cask aquavit is a toast to the Master Distiller`s grandfather Herold Håvaldsen, a miner in the Norwegian mountains. During WW2 he worked worked on ships before he was taken as a P.O.W for his service as a freedom fighter.

We honour the stories of fellow miners and fallen heroes with this complex Norwegian Aquavit.

Recommended as a digestif per the finest dark spirits. Also perfect as main ingredient in new trendy cocktails.

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 40%

Origin: Norway

Shipping: Singapore Only

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