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Hum Jin Pang Basket
Hum Jin Pang Basket

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Hum Jin Pang Basket

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Served in our woven basket.

These are addictive sugary Chinese Doughnuts with coated sesame seeds. The Red Bean paste filling is highly popular !

TAKE NOTE Aunty Li only begins frying at 3pm. (Delivery will be 3:30pm to 6pm)

Perfect for 6 to 15 persons

What's inside

  • 15 Hum Jin Peng Chinese Doughnut with Red Bean paste (Sweet)
  • 15 Hum Jin Peng Chinese Doughnut with Five Spice Salt (Savoury)
  • Woven Basket
  • Floral optional


Our platters and boards are designed to be consumed within 4-hours of delivery. Should you wish to keep any of the individual items beyond 4-hours, please refrigerate upon receiving the platter.

Shipping: Singapore Only