Ice Cream Bowls
Ice Cream Bowls

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Ice Cream Bowls

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Serve up your favorite scoops in faceted styled glass bowls that take you right back to the counter of your favorite diner. These retro-inspired glass Ice Cream Bowls feature an elegant faceted shape and a generous bowl size that can accommodate a perfect sundae with all the fixings. Our Ice Cream Bowls feature a footed design for stability and a durable, clear pressed glass construction that lets you see everything that's in the bowl for a tantalizing display that’s sure to get everyone’s taste buds going.


This cup, which has a capacity of 26 cl, is ideal for the service of spoon-desserts such as puddings, creams, “tiramisù” or parfait, but also for sorbets and ice cream.

The Details:

Generous bowl size holds scoops and toppings without overflow messes.
Classic retro-shape with faceted glass

Ice Cream Bowls selected by our Atlas Handcrafted Team.

Quantity: Sets of 2

Material: Glass

Origin: Mexico

Estimated Arrival: 7 days

Return Policy: Non-refundable

Availability: Global