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The Beluga Club

Iranian Ossetra Beluga Caviar 30gm

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Produced from the Acipenser gueldenstaedtii sturgeon, this is the next priciest variety.

For Acicepencer Gueldenstaedtii or Russian Sturgeons in order to produce the quality and precious pearls it takes 9 to 15 Years .

* The egg size is smaller to that of Beluga and colors range from honey and amber to dark brown and slate. Firm in texture, it is a mellow, buttery caviar, with hints of cashew nut and bitter orange, and has been compared with lobster. Another joy in taste and nuttiness, the aroma and the taste is unique and selective .

Ossetra Caviar  Obtained from the Russian-Persian   Ossetra has a golden to dark brown color variation. Its strong nutty flavor has an intense but mild taste.

Flavours: Its subtle but distinctive flavors are described as buttery or creamy, with notes of hazelnut and almond. The color can be pale gray, steel or jet black.

Origin: Gilan, Iran. Beluga Caviar Obtained from the Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso), native to the Caspian Sea on north of Iran. the Beluga is the largest sturgeon, which produces the largest and softest roe. Beluga is the world's most expensive caviar.

Grade: A

Pairings: Rich, briny and exceptionally flavorful, wild beluga produced premium caviar is the choice of top chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants. This beluga caviar is firm and grey, smooth and buttery. It makes a delicious addition to home-cooked dishes from poached eggs to seared fish to potatoes. It's also great simply spooned onto blini. Committed to quality production and integrity of flavor, The Beluga Club produces its caviar without borax, pasteurization or coloring, and each jar is traceable back to an individual fish.

Volume: 30grams

Packaging: Jar

Shipping: Singapore Only

Receiving Instructions: The caviar ships fresh with gel packs. Upon receipt, immediately remove jars from carton and store in refrigerator. Place ice-filled plastic bag over jars to ensure optimal temperature (0°C–3°C). The gel packs used for shipping may be refrozen and alternated with ice, which needs to be replaced once it has melted. Properly stored, caviar will keep unopened for 6–8 weeks, or opened for 1 day.

Serving Instructions: When serving caviar, never use metal utensils as the alloys change the taste. Use utensils made of nonreactive material, such as glass, mother-of-pearl, wood or plastic.


"10 Secrets You Should know about consuming caviar"

1.Caviar is rich in Vitamins A and E. these vitamins are important for the growth of cells and for the health of your immune system

2.Zinc, iron and selenium. Zinc is a powerful immune system booster.

3.Selenium to improve your red blood cell production.

4.Iron is important for healthy and regular circulation.

5.Potassium a nutrient that is lowering your blood pressure.

6.Potassium again to help prevent the build-up of kidney stones.

7.Say Goodbye to migraine.

8.arginine, to improve your circulation. Arginine is actually the substance in caviar that is thought to give it an aphrodisiac effect, If you have poor blood pressure, constant cold hands, or suffer from persistent tiredness, then you may benefit from increasing your caviar intake.

9.Highest In Omega-3 fatty Acid

10.Cure Depression & Regulate your mood.

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