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J. Gasco Tonic Dry Bitter


J. Gasco Tonic Dry Bitter

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Made with quinine and bittering agents.
Dry Bitter Tonic J.GASCO is a tonic conceived for those who love the classic quinine-based recipe. Well structured, persistent, with bitter and clean notes, it enhances and reinforces the scent of the Gin and of aromatic distillates.

Volume: 24 Bottles x200mL

Origin: Italy

All the flavors and essences from Southern Italy create J. Gasco smooth and refreshing soft drinks. Based in Piedmont (Italy), J. Gasco is an artisan company that has added a twist to the classic soft drinks. From Cedrata to Limonata to Bitters, their product range is all-natural and make perfect cocktail mixers. Not only that, but these drinks are great, healthier alternatives to mass-produced beverages that are often packed with sugar. Whether you drink them on their own or enjoy them as a cocktail mixer, you’ll be sure to love these delightful soft drinks.