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Le Beurre Bordier Demi Sel 2.8% Butter

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Delicious dining staples. Rustic and noble, it conveys its creamy taste and characteristics of caramel and hazelnut in the summer. Semi-salted butter contains salt (2.8%), a burst of flavor to enjoy simply, on a slice of bread.

The semi-salted butter can easily adapted to all of your recipes! From a slice of bread to Breton shortbread, chocolate cake, or even lobster.

“From Armor (the sea in Breton) in Argoat (the land in Breton), the butter is semi-salted. In Breton tradition, placing a butter at entrance of the house to welcome guests, hence the nickname “welcome butter".

Vol: 125gm

Origin: Bretagne, France

Shipping: Singapore Only

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