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Le Beurre Bordier Seaweed Butter

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A sailor's butter, it draws its intensity from seaweed and with its lovely tones of red, green and black colours becomes an obvious choice for your seafood, shellfish dishes, and packs a real “wow” factor with a cut of rare red meat.

Jean-Yves Bordier was the first to create a butter with seaweed.  This first flavoured butter in his collection came into being for a dinner amongst friends to paired with the day’s catch, a Brill fish. Thanks to Eric Lecerf, Head Chef at Joël Robuchon it became famous.

We use seaweed gathered by the coastal fishermen in Finistère, the most westerly département in France.  The seaweed is ready for harvesting after 5 months, which allows for two harvests yearly.  The movement of tides and waves allows natural haversting of the seaweed,by ripping out the older plants leaving only the young “sprouts.”

Vol: 125gm

Origin: Bretagne, France

Shipping: Singapore Only

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