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Marrackech Champagne Flute

Atlas Glass

Marrackech Champagne Flute

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Toast with these eclectic flutes. Each is adorned with eye catching blue stem that is ergonomic to hold. Crafted of sturdy lead-free glass.


Hand blown of bright and clear lead-free crystal.

Rippled sides create a brilliant optic effect.
Bowl is specially shaped to bring out the bouquet, flavor and bubbles of Champagne.

The Details:

Narrow rim directs the flow of wine to the center of the tongue, allowing you to appreciate the balance of fruit flavors and acidity.
Dishwasher safe.

Flute Glass selected by our Atlas Handcrafted Team.

Quantity: Sets of 2

Material: Glass

Origin: Turkey

Estimated Arrival: 2 days

Return Policy: Non-refundable

Availability: Global