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Non-Dairy, Daily Mylk

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Cashew because it is lighter and earthier in taste compared to other nuts but has creamier texture in nature and loaded with nutrients. Cashew is nutrient-dense that contains healthy fats, protein, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. And oh low in calorie! *Great to use for your cereal, granola, coffee, smoothies and even the base for your pasta sauce!

Volume: 4 x 250mL , 2 x 500mL, 2 x 1litre

Origin: Singapore

Delivery: Handpressed to Order

Shipping: Estimated 3 days

About Mokly

MOKLY motto is Progressiveness. We believe in improvisation of real food. We
are living in era where by many things are made easy or at a swipe but not so
much on the quality and the real connectivity. We strive to bring the Real Food
ingredients to the tastebuds with easy accessibility. We believe that as the world
progress further so does quality of life - and that includes food & beverages.
Mokly Nut Mylk:-
● Vegan-friendly
● Keto-friendly
● No added sugar
● Non artificial flavoring
● Non preservatives/additives
● No additional chemical, just pure real and whole food ingredients stated

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