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Rumah Atlas Patisserie

Portuguese Egg Tarts Basket with Egg Tart Liqueur

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Discover the best Portuguese experience in town with our freshly-baked Pastéis de Nata, Portuguese Egg Tarts. From Singapore-based Portuguese pastry chef Leonor Pereira, ours are prepared from scratch using an authentic recipe to render extra crispy crust and a delicious gooey interior. And paired with Egg Tart Liqueur direct from Lisbon for a flavor bomb that is unparalleled.

Presented in a beautiful bamboo basket with fresh lilac-themed organic flowers they are a feast for the eyes as they are delicious.

These tarts remain crispy even when they are cold and will not disappoint you! Ranked the most promising egg tart of 2021 and most authentic egg tart among the Portuguese expat community.

Shipping: Singapore only


  • 9pcs flaky crust Portuguese egg tarts
  • 1 bottle 700ml Egg Tart Liqueur 14.5% alc
  • Embellished with lilac flowers for an inviting bite!
  • Comes with Oval Shaped Bamboo Basket
  • Premium Greeting Card


Our delicacies are designed to be consumed on the same day of delivery. Should you wish to keep any of the individual items beyond 4-hours, please refrigerate upon receiving.

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