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Riga Black Balsam Original

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The original version of Riga Black Balsam herbal bitter is created by a combination of 24 ingredients – herbs, roots, berries, fruit juices, honey, burnt sugar and some very specific ingredients like golden withy, gentian, Peruvian balsamic oil.
Tasting Notes:

Contemporary bitter-sweet taste of a complex herbal notes;
Combines the gentle sweetness of linden blossoms, raspberry, huckleberry, honey and caramel; Savoury touch of ginger and nutmeg.

How To Drink:
  • Enjoy in shots layered on top of thick juice (for example mango, peach, banana)
  • Mix with cola, lemonade or a cherry beverage
  • A perfect additive for any type of cocktails

Volume: 500ml

ABV: 45%

Origin: Latvia

Shipping: Singapore Only

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