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Saint James Quintessence

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Quintessence rum is a concentrate of the best vintages of the Saint James distillery in Martinique, a blend of vintages over 6 years old. This is the successor of the Cuvée 240th anniversary. 

The classic notes of very old St. James offers a fleeting attack wooded unfolds quickly warm and fat. In equilibrium with the nose, there is a dominant fruity with aromas typical of St. James, which however persist with notes of fruit brandy (cherry, plum). The presence of tannins, slightly felt the attack contributes to its long finish. Gold medalist of the Concours General Agricole de Paris in 2012, concentrated aromas of aging rum St. James and bears the name of Quintessence and is enclosed in a glass bottle with the image of a prestigious perfume bottle.

Volume: 70cL

ABV: 40%

Origin: Martinique

Shipping: Singapore Only


Saint James Rum was founded in Saint-Pierre de la Martinique in 1765, at the hands of Reverend Father Edmund Lefebure who also happened to be a rather skilled alchemist. The priest crafted a cane spirit, and began shipping the rum to British colonies in North America. He named the rum Saint Jacques as a tribute to Jacques Dyel, which later became known as Saint James in order to sound more familiar to English speakers.

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