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[Sample] Pullman Mucha Artwork

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ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 12 1/2 x 30 1/8 in./31.7 x 76.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris (not shown)


This is the “Quill” half of Mucha’s “Quill & Primrose” decorative panel set. “This series of decorative panels sold for 12 francs. It represents two pensive young girls, a blonde and a brunette, the one [seen here] holding... a goose quill and some foliage. Typically Art Nouveau ornamentation predominates in the background motifs and on the jewelry. As was the case with all the decorative panels, conceived from the start as decorative works, Champenois ended up selling the art to clients to use as calendars, posters or advertising materials” (Lendl/Prague, p. 218). (Art Nouveau; Artist: Mucha; Literary)


12 1/2 x 30 1/8 in./31.7 x 76.5 cm

Artist or Maker

Alfons Mucha



Condition Report

A. Framed.


Ref (all var): Rennert/Weill, 64; Lendl/Prague, p. 218; Much/Art Nouveau, 51; PAI-LXXVII, 302

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