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San Telmo Malbec 2020

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Malbec is a black-skinned grape variety native to southwestern France (specifically the area around Cahors), but now better known as the iconic wine grape of Argentina. Through its success in the vineyards of Mendoza, in a few short decades Malbec has shot from relative obscurity to international fame, simultaneously bringing newfound attention and respect to Argentina as a wine-producing nation.

Malbec typically ripens midway through the growing season and produces small, intensely colored grapes. As it is so sensitive to its growing environment, the level of ripeness has a considerable effect on the structure of the eventual wine. Broadly speaking, French Malbec tends to be more...

Winery: San Telmo

Grape Varieties: 100% Malbec

Cultivation: Ecological - harvested by hand

Vineyard: Traditional

Characteristics: Rich, red-coloured wine with violet hues, redolent of plums and cherries. Round in the mouth with a touch of truffle and vanilla.

Volume: 750ml

ABV: 13%

Origin: Mendoza, Argentina

Shipping: Singapore Only

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