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Atlas Kueh

Snowskin Mooncakes Single Slate Box

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Our delicious hand-made Mooncakes are traditional Chinese snacks to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festivals. Our snowskin mooncakes are produced in small batches and are embellished with tropical flora. The perfect gift or addition to any party this season.

We are committed to supporting 100% local businesses and small SME's in Singapore. 

This generous assortment is beautifully packaged in our signature natural stone slate, the mooncakes are garnished with tropical flowers.

  • 900 grams in total inclusive of the packaging
  • Assembled and delivered at ambient temperature
  • Orders for this product are taken a minimum of 1 day in advance
  • Designed for 2-5 guests as a supplement to a light meal.

Because the items in this collection are crafted in limited quantities, we may occasionally need to make substitutions with similar items of equal quality.

What's Inside

  • 5 carefully hand-crafted Snowskin Mooncakes
  • Assorted flavours depending on availability.
  • Tropical florals
  • Presented on our signature rectangular slate
  • Atlas Handcrafted Box
  • Atlas Handcrafted Premium Greeting Card

Receiving Instructions

Our platters and boards are designed to be consumed within 4-hours of delivery. Should you wish to keep any of the individual items beyond 4-hours, please refrigerate upon receiving the board.

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