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Rumah Atlas Patisserie

Spekkoek Kek Lapis - Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake

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Baked by Indah, our Indonesian Kek Lapis specialist, our heritage Kek Lapis has layers upon layers of decadent, buttery goodness.

Made with imported organic spices imported directly from Southern Central Java each Kek Lapis brings true Indonesian flavors in every bite!


All our cakes are handmade, in particular, our Kek Lapis is extremely labor-intensive and each of its 'thousand' layers has to be hand applied and baked before the next layer goes on.

This cake requires a minimum of 2 days' lead time.


  • 1 Kek Lapis
    • Weight - Approx 1kg
    • Dimensions - Inverted cone 20cm x 5cm
  • Bespoke gift card

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