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Tatratea Citrus Tea Liqueur

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Tatratea Citrus Tea Liqueur

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Known for its wonderful tea and fruity aroma thanks to the additional white tea and peach extracts which leave it with a pleasant delicate and unmistakable scent. It is strong, elegant and drifting, with a flavor so rare that you will thank yourself for being in this moment.

Enduring taste honey wine and yellow blossoms. Fresh and dried golden peaches aroma perfumed with white tea.

“The Peach TATRATEA smells of peach but peach plus a little something more. A little élan, a little foot-kick from the dark-haired ingénue as she stares down the leading man. We liked it best mixed with hot black tea.”

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 32%

Origin: Slovakia

Shipping: Singapore Only