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Atlas Handcrafted

The Bespoke Gin Mixology Hamper

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Craft the ultimate gin and tonic using your own unique blends with our Bespoke Gin Mixology Kit!

Accompanied with three outstanding blending bitters, this bespoke gin kit has been designed to bring out the professional mixologist in you! 

Have hours of boozy fun by adding small drops of blending bitters to augment the flavor of each gin and tonic you create; It's tons of fun! 


  • Copperhead Classic Gin (40% abv) - Belgium
  • Aperitivum Bitters (76% abv)
  • Digestivum Bitters (78% abv)
  • Energeticum Bitters (80% abv)
  • 4 bottles of Premium Italian Tonic Waters
  • Assorted Tropical Flora & Fauna
  • Bespoke Greeting Card
  • Wicker Basket

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