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Trois Rivières Single Cask Millésime 2000

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Trois Rivières Plantation Rhum is an old rum distillery and a part of the heritage of Martinique. The iconic name from the plantation refers to the three rivers that border the area; Bois d’Inde, Oman and Saint Pierre. They enclose an area of 1700 acres with a sea view in the sunny and southern part of the island. The cane grows in clay soil, rocky and rich of magnesium whilst the roots bath in the sea water. Thanks to production methods from the 18th century, as well as the environment, Trois Rivières has a smooth and delicate taste.

At the beginning of the Trois-Rivières rum, Nicolas Fouquet (superintendent of finances of the crown) attributed himself a gigantic 2000ha concession in Martinique in 1660. Following his disgrace, many owners will succeed each other before the land is bought by 3 sugar mills in 1770. The estate is equipped with a distillery in 1785 under the wishes of the family Marraud des Grottes. Today, the Chevrillon group is at the head of this distillery, although the latter has closed since 2004, the distillation activity having been transferred to the Mauny, where the column is now located. distilling the estate's history. Trois-Rivière has been offered its own brand with a vintage range that is no stranger to the rise of its notoriety. Trois-Rivières has produced some of the world's largest old-fashioned farm rums in the ranks of the finest connoisseurs (to cite just a few examples, we will remember the vintages 1953, 1964, 11969 and 1977).

This rum Trois-Rivières out of 2000 is therefore a Single Cask rum, that is to say that it has been selected by the Cellar Master for its remarkable intrinsic quality. It is authentic, racy ... it does honor to its vintage ancestors who made the reputation of Trois-Rivières, a case to follow closely!

The Millésime 2000 is a 15 year old Rhum Agricole from 2000 bottled 

Nose: spices followed by powerful aromas of grey pepper, cinnamon and cloves

Palate: lots of spices including pepper, cloves and cinnamon

Finish: spicy with a variety of herbs, roasted wood and mint

Volume: 700ml  

ABV: 42%

Origin: Martinique

Shipping: Singapore Only

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