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Atlas Handcrafted Brunei

Venti Chiffon Cake Platter

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Rediscover the heritage flavours you love with our mouth-watering Chiffon Cake. Also known as Pandan Chiffon, a traditional Asian recipe, we have modern take of these classic delicacies!  Our Chiffon Cake combines the richness of a high ratio cake which is created by the batter and the lightness of a sponge cake from the meringue. As the vegetable oil is liquid at a cooler temperature, chiffon cake does not harden or dry out as traditional butter cake. This makes it better-suited for fillings or frostings with ingredients that need to be refrigerated.

What's Inside

  • 10 of Classic Chiffon Cakes (10cm in diameter each)
  • Freshly cut and handwashed flowers
  • Thank you gift card with personalised message
  • Palm Leaf Organic Platter

Standard Flavours: Pandan, Coffee, Orange, Cranberry

Delivery: 2 day order in advance

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