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Yarra Valley Caviar Smoked Salmon Pearls (250gm)

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A boutique freshwater aquaculture farm located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria. As an industry leader, the farm pioneers a natural approach to rearing and roe extraction, demonstrating a staunch belief in human practices. The fish are milked for roe entirely by hand, once per year, under a completely natural anesthetic of clove oil, and are then gently placed back in their ponds to spawn again the following year.

Volume: 250 grams

Packaging: Metal Tin

Shipping: Singapore Only

Receiving Instructions: The caviar ships fresh with gel packs. Upon receipt, immediately remove jars from the carton and store in the refrigerator. Place an ice-filled plastic bag over jars to ensure optimal temperature (0°C–3°C). The gel packs used for shipping may be refrozen and alternated with ice, which needs to be replaced once it has melted. Properly stored, caviar will keep unopened for 6–8 weeks, or opened for 1 day.

Serving Instructions: When serving caviar, never use metal utensils as the alloys change the taste. Use utensils made of non-reactive material, such as glass, mother-of-pearl, wood or plastic.


"10 Secrets You Should know about consuming caviar"

1. Caviar is rich in Vitamins A and E. these vitamins are important for the growth of cells and for the health of your immune system

2. Zinc, iron and selenium. Zinc is a powerful immune system booster.

3. Selenium to improve your red blood cell production.

4. Iron is important for healthy and regular circulation.

5. Potassium a nutrient that is lowering your blood pressure.

6. Potassium again to help prevent the build-up of kidney stones.

7. Say Goodbye to migraine.

8. Arginine, to improve your circulation. Arginine is actually the substance in caviar that is thought to give it an aphrodisiac effect, If you have poor blood pressure, constant cold hands, or suffer from persistent tiredness, then you may benefit from increasing your caviar intake.

9. Highest In Omega-3 fatty Acid

10. Cure Depression & Regulate your mood.

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